Rena River, Norway 2011

This July I got to fulfill two longterm dreams of mine. One was to get to meet my good friend Terje for the first time, the other was to fish his favourite river with him in Norway, the Rena.

Norway is stunning, coming to this beautiful sparsely populated country was a stark contrast to the London I left behind. The Rena is a big river by my usual standards, about 100mtrs wide on average with forestation down to the rivers edge.

Unfortunately the fishing was even tougher than usual. The river was high, rising up to 90cm, this made wading nearly impossible and fishing from the densely vegetated bank even harder. The rising and falling river meant that the usual prolific hatches didn’t occur. In 10 days of solid fishing I managed 2 trout, one of 1.1kg the other 700gms. Every fish was hard one and some days we didn’t get to cast at a single fish.

The highlight was a gorgeous 2.1kg brown caught by Terje, the master of the Rena.

I got to see a beautiful part of the world, to hang out with some cool people and learnt lots of new techniques from some of the best fly fishermen and tiers I’ve ever met.

I hope to someday return to the lovely Rena under more favourable conditions.


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